Rick M. Shanks
RMS BUILDERS:   Phone: (530)899-9312
                            Fax:      (530)898-9330
email:                             rmsbuilders@sunset.net
Website:                         www.rmsbuilders.info

RMS BUILDERS provides our clients with a wide selection of services which assist in all phases of the construction process whether the project is large or small, simple or complex.
Our team of highly skilled professionals work together to produce uncanny results and turn dreams into reality. 
Call RMS BUILDERS today.
Services offered:
-On site inspections(preconstruction)
-Project design and engineering
-Project estimates. Detailed and itemized
-Site work.  On site and Off site
-Pre-engineered Metal Structures
-Wood Framed Structures
-Custom Homes
-Finish Carpentry
-Complete Design and Build Projects 
 RMS BUILDERS is dedicated to provide the quality products, services and experience our clients want and deserve.  CCL#684505
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