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Rick M. Shanks
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1.  Rick Shanks(RMS BUILDERS) finished our home in 2005.  We met Rick several years prior to starting our home when he bid on house plans that we decided not to build.  Rick was the only builder to keep in touch with us, which was very impressive.  During this time we began to know him.  We decided not to get other general contractors to bid on our new house plans but to have Rick build it.  When we were building our home we were very nervous, naturally wanting it to be perfect.  by the time the house was almost finished and we could see it coming together so beautifully, we began to relax.  Rick has a very good relationship with his subcontractors and suppliers.  

If you want a perfect job choose Rick because his subcontractors are the best and they do first class work.  Rick made sure the building material was always on the jobsite on time. Rick has very good ideas and is very creative.  He gets along well with those he works with, including the Building Inspectors who complemented his work to us.  Not a day goes by that one of us does not say how much we love our home.

Bill and Sue Keeler
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2.  When the Architect completed our plans, he highly recommended that we  discuss the construction of our mountain home with RMS BUILDERS.  Rick Shanks, the owner of RMS BUILDERS, and his crews turned those artistic lines into our dream home.

We were very impressed by the consistent presence and physical involvement Rick had in every phase.  He did not just supervise, he dug in the dirt, cleaned up after different jobs, and inspected each little detail with scrutiny.  The subcontractors of RMS BUILDERS were experienced and proficient as well as quality craftsmen.

We were in constant communication with Rick by phone and email when away.  Every detail was discussed beginning to end.  He offered excellent advice and suggestions.  Rick had to make a couple of decisions on his own when we were not available, and he made better choices than we would have.  

Today, four years after moving in, we are just as thrilled and impressed with the quality and beauty of his work, if not more so. We have enjoyed overwhelming and on-going compliments from the community and all who visit.  "who was your builder?" they want to know.  We answer with great pride.

We highly recommend Rick Shanks (RMS BUILDERS) and his craftsman to anyone building a home, or any type of project.

George and Gail Perkins















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3.  Rick, We can't begin to thank you for the wonderful job you did building our cottage.  You have been absolutely fabulous and we appreciate all of the time and energy you put into the project.

Fondly,  Randy and Karen

4.  Dear Rick, Thanks so much for all the timely work on the cabin.  We appreciate so very much the fact that we can be gone for a period of time and know that the project is in your capable hands.  I do not think we tell you enough how nice it is to be able to trust you and the work you do.  

Jim and Ingred

5.  Dear Rick,  Thank you for being the builder of our wonderful mountain cabin.  We have received many compliments.  It has been a lot of work.  We are looking forward to enjoying our cabin for many years to come.  If you are ever in the neighborhood, stop by for a glass of wine on the deck!

Sincerely,  Deborah and Mike